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The Midnight Editions stems from the thought, “I wonder if I could make Bridgerton or Jane Austen’s work into an FKR game”. It is a planned series of rules light games based on Jason Tocci's 24XX System and inspired by stories written in, and set in The Long Nineteenth Century. It isn't a series of standalone games, each issue is intended to be used on its own or combined with other issues to tell different stories. The rules are light so that the fiction remains front and centre. 

The game is intended to be played collaboratively. While one player may bring the concept to the table, and may not even have their own individual character, a shared world and a shared story are the primary focus. It could be played entirely without an individual Narrator if you choose. In this game the rules of the story are more important than the rules of the game. The inspirations for each issue act as the missing lore chapter, the game world is formed by the players collective understanding of these genres and their tropes. The world of The Midnight Editions looks like history, but it is not bound by history's timelines or prejudices. Players are encouraged to create stories which challenge the systems of the past or imagine better worlds, free from bigotry. The balance of romance, tragedy and comedy is left to the players.  

These will be tales of of the everyday, or of the extraordinary. Stories of fancy frocks, stolen glances, incredible journeys, strange magics, bloody wars and unchaperoned picnics. It may be a story of the busy life of the city, a quiet retreat in the country or something altogether more unique.

This series is a work in progress. I'll be building out this world with new issues and revising old ones as time, energy and inspiration allow. 

The cover image is On the Boulevards by Charles Keene.


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